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Артисты: Ricky Hil

Название музыкального произведения: Nomads feat. The Weeknd

Длина файла с песней: 04:01

Дата добавления: 2015-05-05

Просмотров страницы: 635

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[Verse 1 - Ricky Hil]

She'll be alone when I leave her
I like it better that way
I'm on my own when I need her
Cause they get better that way
She's addicted to the heroin
Lighter than a feather that day
But I kind of like the morphine
Triple x, got the bottle lean codeine
What you want?
I'm that motherfucker
Baby, I'm that motherfucker
What you on?
Nothing like them other suckers
Nothing like them other suckers
Mrs. Lucille
Come and touch me
Let me know that you're real
Because if you're fake
I got to get away
Punch you in the fucking face

[Hook - The Weeknd]

Should have known from the start
What we got can't leave this room
And I ain't playing with your heart
It's just a habit to let bitches know the truth
I made it clear to the world
Ain't nobody gonna be that somebody
I made it clear to the world
Ain't nobody gonna be that somebody

[Verse 2 - The Weeknd]

I do it all to stay warm
I do it all to get by
I do it all for a home
For a night
But, baby
I won't keep ya
Just know that
I'mma leave ya
So, fuck me right
Baby, fuck me right
Until I'm too tired to leave ya
And we can
Call this your night
Wipe those tears from your eyes
Cause, baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
I got a bottle of the 'Tron
In my brand new coat
If you want to take a sip
To forget what we did
Girl, I've done this before
I get faded all alone
'Til my body gets thin
To forget all my sins


Nomads feat. The Weeknd, Ricky Hil
Ricky Hil - Nomads f/ The Weeknd
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