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Артисты: Sean Christopher

Название музыкального произведения: Everything

Длина файла с песней: 02:57

Дата добавления: 2015-03-18

Просмотров страницы: 478

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Sean Christopher - Everything

Some see your beauty
Under the moonlight
Some wait for you
Some just a little longer
You can guide me to the light
You can make my day at night

You just give me everything

Some love your silence
Away from the city
Some stay for you
Some wait another moment
You can put a spell on me
Charm the birds out of the tree

You just give me everything

One day I'll live the day

Some feel your elusive breeze
While they are sleeping
Some exchange their minutes for hours
While they keep on seeking
You are the doorway to my prose
You are the reason I compose
'Cause you give me everything

You just give me everything

Everything, Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher - Everything
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